Friday, June 23, 2017


Not a poem or short story.
This is my awesome experience i had at the hospital with a caring nurse.

June 23,2017

By:Elliott Maisonet

Dedicated for:nurse irene


I was admitted into kingsbrook medical center

e in brooklyn new york.

on thursday,june,22,2017.

For three days For major pain on my left foot. And was being prepped all day for Surgery the following morning.

So fast forward to all day of people having a hard time pronouncing my last name,then forgeting to spell the last T in my first name. a few chest and feet x-ray's and some horrendous food that clearly was cooked with out love...(or flavor)....

(Luckily just before i left home. The fam baught me a hero.)😁

I was taken into surgery at 8am the following day (june 23,2017) that lasted 6 hours (felt like 6 seconds). After I awoke in recovery I spent a few minutes with my family who came to see me. then, I was taken back to my room upstairs.

After being taken upstairs For those two days, I felt uncomfortable asking for any of the nurses because they made me feel like it was a burden to attend to me.

So certain things I would just do alone even though I wasn't supposed too. I would press the button and some would show up 10 or 15 minutes afterwards.

Then finally, when they did get there some wouldnt even feel the need to approach the bed. They would call to me from the door. (Talk about unprofessional)..anyway.

But then, later on that day, a nurse by the name of ms irene walked in. Walked over to my bed Introduced herself to me in a smiling face and said hi, how are you?

she said, she was my new nurse for the rest of the night(i still had doubts) but she was nice and professional.

She drew my blood, fixed my bed,fluffed my pillows,plus got me two extra pillows to help elevate my foot,and got medicine fot the foot.

(mind you I was already out of surgery for about two hours now, and no other nurse chose to go do that.)

Checked up on me regularly,Helped me in and out of bed and much more. By the time she was done she made me feel like I was at a hotel not a hospital.

And always ended it with,

anything else I can do for you sir?

So at that moment im saying to myself, wow now this is a true definition of what a nurse is.

But thats not what warmed my heart. A short time later after she left to attend other patients. I was getting my wallet because I was going to walk/hop with the walker they gave me to help me walk, to go downstairs to the vending machine. so I pressed the red button to call for nurse irene and ladies and gentlemen, before I even got 2 inches off the bed nurse irene showed up by my side so fast she could have given "the flash" a run for his money. She said to me smiling,

how can i help you sir?

I said im going to go downstairs to the vending machine real quick.

(well maybe not that quick,I thought) to get a Coca-Cola and a twix. And just wanted to let you know,

And she said an amazing thing dont worry sir, I'll go get it for you. At that moment I was surprised because as I said before all the other nurses looked and acted bothered by my presence.

But what she did next is the reason. I Gave her the name "NURSE WONDER WOMAN".

as im looking down in my wallet getting ready to give her the money for it, I look back up and she was already halfway out the door saying don't worry sir keep your money I'll buy it for you. (WHAT!) And she left the room.

My jaw was left wide open that I thought i might need to go back to surgery for another 6 hours to close it shut.

I know its just a coca cola and a twix but normally im the one buying things for strangers so to have it happen to me for once was shocking to me. And it felt nice.

I was just stunned that this beautifully hearted nurse was willing to pay out of pocket for me.

When she returned I told her that i havent experienced such show of kindness and generosity in a very long time.

Let alone from any of the other nurses I've had these past two days.

I told her I want to put in a good word about you and your extraordinary talent in aiding people. Because I believe you deserve credit and acknowledgment not just for the kind you just did for me but what you did earlier and what you do on a daily basis for others.

I told her she's the greatest nurse I ever had. And I asked permission if i could take a few pics with her and of her attending to me and that I would write an article about my experience with her. Here at kingsbrook medical center.

and when I told her I would name it

           "NURSE WONDER WOMAN".

  she smiled and she showed such gratitude and appreciation for it. and said the saddest but coolest thing. She said I dont ever get much credit from anyone Other than the occasional thank you from other patients, so hearing you say this to me is what's more valuable to me than anything.

So I said,your definitely getting credit for this.


In conclusion

Nurse irene

         Incase noone has ever told you,

You are a beautiful and humble person with a beautiful and humble heart. I have never met someone so caring and loving in a long time and I acknowledge and give you credit for taking such great care of me when I was your patient. Especially for paying out of pocket for my snacks.

You are the greatest nurse I ever had

This world needs more people like you.

I've asked GOD to bless you triple for what you've done for me and what you've done and will continue to do for others in the future.

                      Thank you

                     NURSE IRENE


              "NURSE WONDER WOMAN"


Elliott Maisonet