Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Who I was vs who I am

There comes a time in life that creates a strife
where Who you once were is in constant battle with who you are now

I want to be who i used to be careless and free
But times and situations
have changed
and after a few trials hardships and hard learned lessons
I made a vow to be who I need to be now

One voice says,
LET'S GO BACK! It was so much fun before
Walking out the door
Nothing was important
Living carelessly everyday
Doing stupid things all day long
Who cares if something goes wrong

but another says,
this is a new season
And in order to embrace this new season
You need to listen to reason
You cannot do it by being who you were before
And If you try, it will be like commiting treason
Against yourself with no hesitation.

Don't loose your concentration
You've fought long and hard
To lay down this foundation.

Throw it all away for one more day
Of used up thrill and cheap adrenaline?
Or press forward as an improved and better person
With renewed vision and motivation
For a better life of purpose,contentment adventure and satisfaction

This struggle is real
This is how i feel
It was fun while it lasted
But I have to grow up now
And look past it

A time will come when We all have to give up things that we dont want to
But afterwards in return
we get back something much more better and more brand new
This I tell you is true

Dearly departed
The old adventure is over
But the new one
Has only just started