Thursday, January 12, 2017

The American soldier

You sacrifice being away 
from your family for months at a time
So that at any given time
I could be able to spend time with mine

You sacrificed being able to see your first child being born
So that I could witness seeing mine
hearing your child's first word
So that I could hear mine
And having your child walk for the first time into your arms 
So that I could have my child walk into mine

You patrol dangerous borders and fight endless wars on the frontlines and confines of other countries through all hours of the night 
So that back in the states 
 my family and I can sleep peacefully and protected at night

You go into battle 24/7 wearing one uniform all year around
So that I have the freedom to wear whatever I want 24/7 all year around

You've had to suffer 
by seeing the worst that war has to offer
And despite the horrors 
you still manage to have the ability
To get up each day and pray
For the courage and bravery to endure it all again today

I'll never be worthy to wear the uniform you wear
Nor endure the things you endure
But one thing I know to be true
I live in freedom 
And it's all thanx to the great and ultimate sacrifice 
From all the uniformed men and women like you