Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GOD, I'm sorry

when I was young I dreamed of a better life
by this time I thought that I would have kids and a wife
but things didn't turn out as planned

I messed up in school
got banned
now I'm an uneducated fool

I became lazy
so I never lasted long enough at a job for them to promote me
I never learned to defend myself
so now everyone walks all over me

how I wish that some day GOD would answer my prayers
so that I no longer feel like I'm living in a loophole nightmare
and make me better
so that I no longer cry when I stare at myself in the mirror

GOD, I'm sorry I've wasted so much of my life
I'm sorry I'm not the person you wanted me to be
but maybe with your grace
there could still be a fighting chance for me
to become the greatness that you see in me

please forgive my sins
as I try to forgive the sins others have done to me
please help me live a better life of peace, abundance, and tranquility

I admit I was in the wrong
I need your grace 
I need your love
to help me repair my life
and be the man
you designed me to be all along

GOD, I'm sorry I hurt you