Monday, December 5, 2016

this is for

this is for
 the invisible
 who are constantly overlooked and never appreciated
and feel like their hearts are pierced by a sharp dagger
because no one tells them that they matter
and if ever anyone does notice them
they feel it's nothing short of an unreal miracle

this is for
the Bullied
who get picked on without explanation
instead of getting to know us
no, they chase us, disgrace us, beat us, embarrass us
on a daily basis

this is for
the disabled 
who have people harass them because of their challenge
instead of doubting,discriminating and judging
society should fill their mind with knowledge
and give the disabled credit because they can still manage their disadvantage

I am the invisible
I am the Bullied
I am the disabled
as you can see
this poem is for others like me