Friday, December 23, 2016

When I saw her

I was in a world of darkness
that fed off my depression and madness
for me, there was no light
no will to fight

until one day 
just when I felt all hope was lost
and all I could feel is unimaginable fright
you walked into my life
and as I saw your face for the first time
the darkness around began to convert into love and light

you were the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
the image of  you burned in my heart and my inner being
I can't stop desiring you
I can't stop dreaming of you
I feel like I can overcome the darkness of the underworld
by just the single thought of you

I need your lips to embrace my lips
I want to engulf you with my eternal love 
I need you in my arms I'll hold you as gentle as a Dove

I need you when I sleep
my beautiful girl, for all eternity you are the one I want to keep

don't ever be afraid 
I will guard you safely in my heart
I'll fight away your enemies
I will proudly and courageously fight for your honor 
I will be your shield, your helmet, and your sword
I will be your entire armor

I'de proudly lay down my life for you my love
because to me you are worth an honorable death
I would happily accept death
as long as your safe above

I love you mi amor