Friday, December 23, 2016

When I saw her

I was in a world of darkness
that fed off my depression and madness
for me, there was no light
no will to fight

until one day 
just when I felt all hope was lost
and all I could feel is unimaginable fright
you walked into my life
and as I saw your face for the first time
the darkness around began to convert into love and light

you were the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
the image of  you burned in my heart and my inner being
I can't stop desiring you
I can't stop dreaming of you
I feel like I can overcome the darkness of the underworld
by just the single thought of you

I need your lips to embrace my lips
I want to engulf you with my eternal love 
I need you in my arms I'll hold you as gentle as a Dove

I need you when I sleep
my beautiful girl, for all eternity you are the one I want to keep

don't ever be afraid 
I will guard you safely in my heart
I'll fight away your enemies
I will proudly and courageously fight for your honor 
I will be your shield, your helmet, and your sword
I will be your entire armor

I'de proudly lay down my life for you my love
because to me you are worth an honorable death
I would happily accept death
as long as your safe above

I love you mi amor

Monday, December 5, 2016

this is for

this is for
 the invisible
 who are constantly overlooked and never appreciated
and feel like their hearts are pierced by a sharp dagger
because no one tells them that they matter
and if ever anyone does notice them
they feel it's nothing short of an unreal miracle

this is for
the Bullied
who get picked on without explanation
instead of getting to know us
no, they chase us, disgrace us, beat us, embarrass us
on a daily basis

this is for
the disabled 
who have people harass them because of their challenge
instead of doubting,discriminating and judging
society should fill their mind with knowledge
and give the disabled credit because they can still manage their disadvantage

I am the invisible
I am the Bullied
I am the disabled
as you can see
this poem is for others like me