Friday, November 4, 2016

the monster that isn't a monster


the monster that isn't a monster
is treated like a monster
because he was born with a birth defect that he didn't ask for

if people only knew how much his heart shatters
but to everyone else, it never matters
when people constantly stare without any care

no one comes to his rescue
not one person didn't even try
while he's there being pointed at and laughed at 
everyone else nearby turned a blind eye

because of the cruelty of society
his heart isn't even a heart anymore
it's been crushed to pieces as it lays there 
 beyond repair

but no one cares

all they see is a monster who isn't a monster

he tries to show that he's still human
but no one gives him a chance 
and because of that, the anger and hatred 
is now beginning to consume him

one of these days,
because of the way people treat him
the monster that isn't a monster
will become a monster
and they will all regret the moment that they awoke with him