Wednesday, November 9, 2016


this great misery that weighs down on me
shackles chaining me to the floor
restricting me from being free
darkness all around stealing my ability to see

I look to the skies with tears in my eyes 
crying out for a rescuer, a helper, a savior, 
anyone or anything that can save me from this repetitive mind numbing torture
the torture of seeing everyone else be as free and happy as can be
living there lives
working at their dream job
finding true love
starting a family

but I'm here day after day
 year after year
entrapped in emotional shackles
experiencing an ocean of agony

with each day wasting away 
no hope, no purpose, no future
no nothing, except this constant torture

I dream and pray, of the day 
when I finally find the key 
to release me 
from these horrid shackles
so I can finally run away

yes run

and begin living the life I should have been living
since day one