Wednesday, November 9, 2016


this great misery that weighs down on me
shackles chaining me to the floor
restricting me from being free
darkness all around stealing my ability to see

I look to the skies with tears in my eyes 
crying out for a rescuer, a helper, a savior, 
anyone or anything that can save me from this repetitive mind numbing torture
the torture of seeing everyone else be as free and happy as can be
living there lives
working at their dream job
finding true love
starting a family

but I'm here day after day
 year after year
entrapped in emotional shackles
experiencing an ocean of agony

with each day wasting away 
no hope, no purpose, no future
no nothing, except this constant torture

I dream and pray, of the day 
when I finally find the key 
to release me 
from these horrid shackles
so I can finally run away

yes run

and begin living the life I should have been living
since day one

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


our relationship
the beginning of our relationship was "I like you".
the middle was "I love you".
the end was "I hate you".
night sky
the peaceful night sky 
the sound of crickets in bushes nearby
the warm breeze that flows by

Saturday, November 5, 2016

lonely breeze

lonely breeze flowing over seas
past the rocks
and through the trees

the sights that you see visually astound any who see
flying through warm fields and meadows
soaring over mighty mountains
as high as the eye can see

how great it must be 
flying free as can be
seeing places only wind can see

yet lonely it must be
being the only one that free
wishing you could show others
the magnificence that you see

Friday, November 4, 2016

the monster that isn't a monster


the monster that isn't a monster
is treated like a monster
because he was born with a birth defect that he didn't ask for

if people only knew how much his heart shatters
but to everyone else, it never matters
when people constantly stare without any care

no one comes to his rescue
not one person didn't even try
while he's there being pointed at and laughed at 
everyone else nearby turned a blind eye

because of the cruelty of society
his heart isn't even a heart anymore
it's been crushed to pieces as it lays there 
 beyond repair

but no one cares

all they see is a monster who isn't a monster

he tries to show that he's still human
but no one gives him a chance 
and because of that, the anger and hatred 
is now beginning to consume him

one of these days,
because of the way people treat him
the monster that isn't a monster
will become a monster
and they will all regret the moment that they awoke with him

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The woman on the grass

The woman on the grass
Just laying there letting time pass
Without a care in the world
To her worry and anxiety 
are a thing of the past

With eyes closed She embraces the soft summer wind Passing over her body
She embodies Nature's peaceful beauty
Almost as if they are both combined
As if she was part of the original design

Her eyes lost among the skies 
Searching through the endless galaxies
Like as if they aren't held down by the laws of gravity

How peaceful she must feel
How relaxing it must be
I bet if she had the opportunity
She would lay there for eternity