Friday, October 28, 2016

restored memories

an ocean without water cannot compare to how empty my mind was
every childhood memory vanished with no trace
my most precious life moments mysteriously erased

that first bike ride 
alongside the cityside

that first ride in a car
that made me feel like a shooting star

that first favorite movie 
that deeply moved me

that first kiss
that felt like a mega lightning storm of passionate bliss

it was all gone,no explanation.just gone
I focused endlessly day after day
but to no avail, the memories Vanished to the unknown far far away
I lost all hope
my faith became so small 
that in order to see it you now needed a telescope

then one day while drowning in my misery and pity
to my shock and surprise
a feeling surged through me
and I saw images flash through my mind
that brought back familiar feelings

it was all back
every precious memory
 I thought was forever lost to me
has finally returned to me
 once again allowing me to feel happy

the wind through my hair
the rush of moving at high speed 
the electric madness when those lips touched me
plus many more memories have returned to me

this is the story of restored memories